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work visa for Portugal

The work visa for Portugal can be requested by foreigners, including brasilians. There is options for those who wish to work in a portuguese company or institution, or be self-employed and even business entrepreneurs. In addition, depending on the type of visa, your partner and children will be able to join you in Portugal.

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Work visa for Portugal

There are many visa options related to professional practice that can become your chance to live in Portugal and have an international career, whether by working in a Portuguese company, by practising in your field as a self-employed or even by opening your own company.

There are two main levels of visas: those for temporary stay and the ones for long term.

The temporary stay visas have a validity of under 1 year. Meanwhile the long term visas in addition to being for a period of over a year, also allow you to apply for residence authorisation to be able to stay in the country permanently. These visas also offer the possibility of requesting family reunification of direct family members and even, after 5 years of legally residing in Portugal with residence authorisation, if eligible, you will be able to apply for Portuguese citizenship.

Expression of interest for foreigners

Foreigners who are already in Portugal and obtained a job offer with a contract can become legal citizens without the need of returning to their country of origin. This regularisation is done through a process of requesting Portuguese residency authorisation called expression of interest. In order to obtain the right to expression of interest is required that the foreigner has obtained a work contract (or promise of contract) from a company based in Portugal for a period of over 12 months. In addition, you must be in the country legally. 

Work visa (visa D1)
This visa is aimed at those who intend to live and work in Portugal with an employment agreement regime. For that, the applicant must prove that they obtained a promise or contract of employment to practice in the country, as well as to meet all other requirements. 
Visa for entrepreneurs and self-employed (D2 Visa)
A D2 visa is a great option for individual entrepreneurs and for those who wish to open a company in Portugal. It is possible to open your own company without having to invest a great amount of money initially as long as a business plan is created showing that the project is viable and relevant for the country. 
Visa for investigation or highly qualified activities  (D3 Visa)
The D3 visa is aimed at highly qualified people and scientific researchers with technical competencies who received a job promise or were hired by a company in Portugal. To apply for a D3 visa, the foreigner’s qualifications must be exceptional and adequate for the job offered. 
Technology Visa (Tech Visa) 
The Tech Visa is aimed at qualified professionals in the area of technology hired by technology and innovation companies from Portugal. These hiring companies must be part of the Tech Visa Program and be certified by the IAPMEI (Institute of Support for Small and Medium companies and Innovation). In other words, employees hired by certified companies will be able to request a technology visa for Portugal and, in entering the country, they will receive an authorisation of residency linked to the Tech Visa Program.
Start-Up Visa
The Start-Up Visa is also a visa for entrepreneurs who wish to start a business in Portugal, but the difference is that the entrepreneurial project must be innovative. It is possible to request the visa being an entrepreneur with a new project or with a company already established in the country of origin as long as the company is no older than 4 years. 
Temporary Stay Visa for Subordinate or Independent Professional Activities. (E3 Visa)
This temporary visa is adequate for those who have a promise or contract of employment in Portugal with a validity of under 1 year, either with a subordinate or an independent service provider. This way, the validity of the visa is linked to the contract validity, the maximum duration of this being 9 months in a period of 12 months. 
Temporary Stay Visa for Investigation or Highly Qualified Activity (E4 Visa) 
The E4 visa is aimed at highly qualified lecturers or researchers who will carry out scientific research activities or lecturing in a Portuguese institution with a duration of under 1 year. 
Temporary Stay Visa for Seasonal Work (E8 Visa) 
This temporary stay visa is aimed at employees who obtained a  promise or contract of employment valid for seasonal work with a duration of between 3 and 9 months, and not exceeding 12 months. Generally, the jobs that suit this category are related to agriculture, fishing, construction and transportation among others. 

How to apply for a work visa for Portugal?

First of all, before applying for your working visa, you will need to get ready all documents and forms required for your specific case, since the requirements vary according to the visa and the particular circumstances of each applicant. It is important to mention that you will need to authenticate some of these documents, as well as provide payment for the taxes.

After gathering all the documentation, you will be able to apply for the visa, either directly at the SEF (Foreign and Border Service) in Portugal, in some cases, or at the processing centre of the country of application. The VFS Global, for example, is the processing centre of visa applications for Portugal in Brasil. To do this you can send your application and documents by mail or book an appointment at the processing centre with jurisdiction at the place you reside to deliver them in hand. Make sure all the documents are complete and properly filled in and organised since incomplete processes will not be accepted.

Once the application has been put forward, you will be able to follow the status of the application review at the VFS Global or the relevant entity in your country of residence. Once a decision has been made by the consulate or embassy, you will receive an e-mail with the resolution of the application review and you will be able to retrieve your passport at the visa application centre or this will be sent back to you by mail.

How can we help?

We can help you with your work visa application by analysing which visa is more suitable for your case and by assisting you with requesting and issuing the high demand of documents and forms, even those of your partner and children. 

When booking an appointment with our team, we will evaluate your case and offer you guidance throughout the entire process. We will help you prepare the documents required, with their solicitation and even with booking an appointment at the visa solicitation centre. We will review and go through all your documents and informations in order to avoid any doubts and/or errors because, with the help of an experienced professional, the process becomes much more uncomplicated and safe. 

You do not meet the requirements of any of the work visas? Do not worry! There are various other routes that will allow you to reside in Portugal. Book an appointment with us so we can analyse your case and help you find the best route for you.


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